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Lanoliinissa on myrkkyä, millä saadaan merinolampaan villa irtoamaan:
"Epidermal Growth Factor is a small stable protein composed of 53 amino acid residues. EGF causes differentiation and growth of epidermal tissues. At the base of the wool follicle is a group of cells called the bulb matrix cells. These cells proliferate and then differentiate into the wool fibre cells and the fibre sheath cells. CSIRO scientists at Prospect in Sydney showed that within 6 hours of treatment EGF produced a transient redirection and disruption of synthetic activity in the base of the wool follicles and this led to shedding of fleece. From 4 to 8 days after treatment the follicles regenerated and recommenced producing wool fibres. The Australian Wool Research and Development Corporation funded the preliminary development of the biological defleecing product and net/coat system which became Bioclip. Coopers Animal Health (Pitman-Moore then Mallinckrodt) were chosen to commercialise the product and invested significant effort and resources into performing this task diligently. For corporate strategy reasons they withdrew from the development process in 1995 and Biological Wool Harvesting Co Pty Ltd (BWH) was formed to take the product to market. BWH obtained a registration for ‘Bioclip Biological Wool Harvesting Injection for Merino Sheep’ in September 1997. In 2007 a submission was made to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to change to a ‘gel’ formulation. The current registration for Bioclip Biological Wool Harvesting Injection Gel® for Sheep was granted to BWH in February 2010. BWH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anagen Limited."