Tutkin hiukan mistä löytäisin tutkimustietoa RotaTeqiin liittyen, koska rotavirusrokotteista tuntuu olevan paljon vaihtelevia kokemuksia.

Luotettavimman oloinen tutkimus, jonka löysin oli EU:n alaisen European Medicines Agencyn raportoimana

Lyhyt lainaus:

"Summary of the safety profile In a subset of infants from 3 placebo-controlled clinical trials

(n=6,130 recipients of RotaTeq and 5,560 placebo recipients),

RotaTeq was evaluated for all adverse events within 42 days of vaccination with or without concomitant use of other paediatric vaccines. Overall, 47 % of infants given RotaTeq experienced an adverse reaction compared with 45.8 % of infants given placebo. The most commonly reported adverse reactions that occurred more frequently with vaccine than with placebo were pyrexia (20.9 %), diarrhoea (17.6 %) and vomiting (10.1 %). Serious adverse reactions were assessed in all participants (36,150 recipients of RotaTeq and 35,536 placebo recipients) of 3 clinical trials for up to 42 days after each dose. The overall frequency 6 of these serious adverse reactions was 0.1 % among recipients of RotaTeq and 0.2 % among placebo recipients."

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